Have you ever been speechless in an argument only to think of a comeback only when it’s too late? Have you woken up weeks later, in a cold sweat, with the perfect response and no way to use it?

Fret no more!

Introducing COMEBACQ, the new retro-conversation app from the makers of Twinger and Slapchat!

Using COMEBAQ is easy! Snap a surreptitious photo of your target, and then take as long as you like to think of a zinger. Just pop up your smartphone, say your comeback into the COMEBACQ app, and upload your creeper pic!

Your offer will be distributed to COMEBACQ’s network of professional actors, enabling any of them to collect. Then they’ll approach your target and goad them straight into the comeback you’ve provided. You’ll get a first-person video of the encounter that you can save and cherish.

And the best part? Unless your zinger gets delivered, there’s no fee!

If you’re an out-of-work actor who feels like making some cash on the side, you can join COMEBACQ as a provider and start earning today! You get paid immediately less a small maintenence fee, or you can sign up as a monthly subscriber to get additional benefits and waive all fees.

Your first zinger is free as a COMEBAQ user, and if you join as a provider, your first gig is fee-free!

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