Weego Toys had been a strong competitor in the action figure market of the 1970s, but the success of reverse-licensed properties like He-Man in the 1980s caught them flat-footed. In a desperate attempt to catch up, Weego created several of its own properties with their own toy lines. Sadly, none were particularly popular and the effort drove the company into a debt spiral from which it would never recover:

Action Bun
A line of anthropomorphic animal figures. After a mad scientist gifted a field rabbit with intelligence and thumbs via the Uplift-O-Tron, Action Bun and his friends fought against Viper Lord and his evil Coldbloods.

After an inner-city dojo is cursed by an ancient Chinese scroll, its misfit ninjas mutate into powerful fighting felines! Led by Kung Fu master Claw Wind, the characters attempt to protect the city from villainous land developer Slime Rat.

Designed to promote a new line of flexible rubber figures, the Sharkstorm team have no solid bones but only cartilege thanks to being the children of marine research chemists. They battle terrorism all over the globe, typified by foes like Sewer Man and Slagg Light.

Princess Pow!
This line was designed to appeal to female viewers. The princes of the land of Fistia have long used the sacred Punch Berries to power themselves up to fight for their kingdom. But when the king has only a daughter, it’s time for Princess Ceraton to partake of the berries to become Princess Pow! Now she punches for justice and tangles with the evil schemes of Overfink.

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