“Breach!” cried Hernandez. “Go, go, go!”

The Masterkey shotgun on Tuck’s rifle did its work, blowing the lock. Farraday swung in a second later with her ram, smashing the door in. The squad poured into the house, arms at the ready.

They found the suspect in the living room, seated in front of the TV with a remote in his hand. Still in his pajamas, he clearly hadn’t been expecting company.

“On the ground!” Hernandez barked. “Get on the ground with your hands on your head!” The suspect, shocked and awed, complied.

“Contraband over here!” cried Tuck from another room of the house.

“Over here too!” said Faraday from the bedroom. She and Tuck each emerged into the living room with their arms full of evidence, which they dumped on the couch.

“Look at this stash. There’s some from Canton, some from Royal Oak…just about everywhere you can get ’em,” Tuck added. “Most of these are wanted on outstandings.”

“Are these your books? Are these your DVDs?” Hernandez said, approaching the suspect.

“Who are you? What’s going on?” he squeaked in reply.

“I am a licensed and bonded library bounty hunter in 27 states, and you’re wanted for outstanding fines and fees from 17 branch libraries,” Hernandez said. “DVDs, hardcover novels, and even CDs.”

“We’re taking you back to face justice for what you’ve done,” said Tuck.

“And getting 10% of the outstanding fines for doing it,” Faraday added.

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