Only a week late, so not quite so belated as last year! That’s progress, right?

It’s been a hard year, full of anxiety, ill portents at home and abroad. I can’t shake the feeling that I think many people of my generation share, that despite some bright spots here and there, something really bad is coming. Ecological catastrophe, surging support for authoritarianism in my country…grim times indeed.

As anyone who reads these pages can tell, my updates have gotten a little more sporadic as a result. Many days, writing seems like just one more thing atop a mountain of stress–the feeling of wanting to write not quite overcoming the feeling of wanting to curl up, exhausted. But even if I am a little behind, I’m still gamely trying to keep up with this, my oldest creative outlet.

Recently, I’ve been trying to incorporate more inspiration from my daily life into these pages, to let them stand not only as a record of fantasy but also reality through a fantastic lens. Has that succeeded? Is it even noticeable? In either case, I’m still gamely trying.

You out there who subscribe, read, or even comment here–thank you. There is nothing that keeps a long trek going so much as the idea of a journey shared with friends.

But enough of that. Back to creating more fictional characters for my ever-growing army of the unreal!

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