For years, the tabletop gaming masters at Sorcerers of the South (SotS) have brought you the very finest in role-playing supplements. And, thanks to our epoch-defining Open Gaming License, certain aspects of our award-winning products have been free for others to develop compatible products with. This has made us the foremost tabletop system, easily besting rivals from Gandalves of the Gulf and Astrologers of the Atlantic.

But now, SotC is excited to bring you the next evolution of the OGL: the Closed Gaming License (CGL)! Thanks to our benevolent new corporate masters at GesteCo LLC GmbH, who have swept away the last vestiges of our corporate independence after a series of mergers and acquisitions, we have realized that the OGL is outmoded and under-monetized.

Under the new CGL, you will still be free to develop compatible modules and play our award-winning games. But now, you will pay a monthly fee for the privilege of doing so in our new online space! All previous paper-based products based on our properties are deprecated and superseded, and must be turned in for prompt disposal.

Our wonderful partners, from rival corporations to independent developers to amateur hobbyists, who engaged with the OGL have not been forgotten, either! Effective immediately, back royalties on all OGL products are now due–expect a communication from our legal counsel with further information and instructions. These royalties are backdated to the start of the former OGL, now replaced with the CGL.

While this move is not legal in the strictest sense, we are confident that our legal team is large and well-funded enough to drag proceedings out endlessly and expensively if you resist. More details to follow shortly, after all players and licensing partners have signed and acceded to our legally binding terms sight unseen and with 72 hours’ notice!

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