Nine years! More than 3000 entries by now, blowing right past that milestone! In fact, in April, I should publish my 3333th blog entry if all goes well – a milestone of repeating digits. What does the future hold?

Well, for one, I’m looking forward to EFNB’s 10th anniversary in 2020. I never thought the project could endure this long, longer than anything I’ve ever done. If it’s something I have to leave behind, I think it’ll do.

Sorry if I don’t have any new statistics to share this year; readership and comments have both been down, and I think that is down to the overall decline of blogs as a platform. There have never been more places to publish things, after all. But if I were doing this for readers and views, I’d have stopped long ago!

Thanks for sticking with me, whoever reads this. I’ve enjoyed the ride, and I hope you have too.

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