1. “Elf Blood Types”
Either we have some people genuinely interested in elven serology, or some of the audience are vampires.

2. “The Sun Also Rises”
Some people, search engine crawler bots especially, seem to not have noticed this was a prank.

3. “Tom Petty Wins the 2016 Nobel Prize for Physics”
Some folks may have taken this parody seriously as well, but perhaps they just found it clever?

4. “A Muse’s Unvarnished Perspective”
Words to live by, and perhaps sustained by some creaky old links still pointing to it from the Absolute Write forums.

5. “The Ebbing”
The only poem on the list, and a major mood.

6. “Memory of a Phantom Airstrip”
I think a lot of these views might have been from me, seeing as I tried to incorporate this into a longer work this year. It may not make much sense on its own, but I find it poignant.

7. “The Cult of the Empty Throne”
Part of some world building I did for a friend for their alternate history French Revolution setting. In the end they replaced it with the much funnier Great Vintner for a wine-based faith befitting Gaul.

8. “Hoklonote: Fact or Fiction?”
Based very loosely on a mythic being from the Choctaw, because it seemed fitting for a supernatural story set in Mississippi to include some elements of truly local beliefs.

9. “Peckémon #289: Chestnut-Sided Warbler”
Since I started birding, it has amused me to classify real birds as “Peckémon” with fantasy powers and elemental types. I’m glad a few folks agree.

10.“The Phantom Meyer Lemons”
This one was suggested by my wife after failing to acquire some Meyer lemons from a local grocery. Project Pucker continues.

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