August 2022

Name: Superb Bird of Paradise
Peckédex Number: 992
Type: Sour type, exotic type
Weakness: Sweet type
Evolves From: Superb Bird of Limbo

This blinged-out bird is lord of the dance as it uses its wings and breast feathers to create a horrifying mask to bob and weave for the benefit of the rare señoritas. The females reject 15-20 males, having notoriously high standards.

Face Dance (male only): The male Superb Bird of Paradise does his characteristic dance, overwhelming the enemy with sour-type damage with a possibility of stunning it. Can only be used once per battle.

Reject (female only): The female Superb Bird of Paradise can reject an enemy attack like a failed mating dance; the attack causes no damage and inflicts no status effects. Can only be used once per battle.

Fancy Peck: The Superb Bird of Paradise does a peck for minor sour-type damage.

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Name: Red-Crowned Crane
Peckédex Number: 513
Type: Earth type, Shorebird type
Weakness: Air type
Evolves From: Pink Heir-Apparent Crane

A symbol of felix and fidelity, these monogamous migrators rule the roost from Hokkaido to Manchuria. Manhandling mud to shake loose tasty creatures, escaping these cranes is a tall order!

Monogamy Mash – The Red-Crowned Crane summons its mate; if it appears, the effectiveness of its next earth-type attack is increased. Has a chance of failure, or to summon a chick instead for a much lower damage increase.

Mud Fling – The Red-Crowned Crane digs its beak deep into the mud and flings it at a foe for earth-type damage with a chance of blindness. Air-type enemies are immune. There is a slight chance that the mud will contain prey, healing the Red-Crowned Crane for damage equal to what it would have inflicted.

Hokkaido Honk – The Red-Crowned Crane delivers its trademark honk, delivering mild non-elemental damage. If Monogamy Mash has successfully summoned its mate, the move is upgraded to a duet, with added earth-type damage.

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Name: Snowcap Hummingbird
Peckédex Number: 497
Type: Air type, Hummer type
Weakness: Earth type
Evolves From: Slushcap Hummingchick

Male Snowcap Hummingbirds were into frosted tips before they were cool! Along with their greener ladyfriends, these nectar nerds are superstars of the Honduran nation and the pollen nation!

Tsitsup! – The Snowcap Hummingbird plummets at its foe with a mighty chirp, inflicting piercing air-type damage.

Pistil Packin’ – The Snowcap Hummingbird drinks the nectar of a nearby flower, renewing health with a chance to bestow a positive status effect. Flowers range from a trumpetflower (most common) to a Rafflesia arnodi (least common).

Hailstorm – The Snowcap Hummingbird summons a hailstorm to inflict damage on its foe. The more flowers it has sipped from via Pistil Packin’ in the current battle, the more damage is inflicted.

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Name: Melanistic Barn Owl
Peckédex Number: 629
Type: Quiet type, Owl type
Weakness: Noisy type
Evolves From: Melanistic Toolshed Owlet

The melanistic version of the Barn Owl trades in the fan-favorite alien abduction mythos for dark magic, weaving a spell of night silence that not even the strongest foes can penetrate!

Hoot Sweet – The melanistic Barn Owl produces a small snack and eats it, regenerating health and possibly conferring a positive status effect. The meals range from a mouse (most common, heals a small amount of HP) to an axolotl (rarest, confers health regeneration and elemental resistance).

Cloak of Night – The melanistic Barn Owl rises up and drops from the shadows like a phantom, inflicting quiet-type damage and with a chance to inflict silence and/or blindness. Noisy-type enemies are immune.

Heart-Shaped Strike – The melanistic Barn Owl delivers a double rake of its claws followed by a peck for non-elemental damage. Damage is increased by 1.5x for targets which are silent or blind.

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Name: Golden Conure
Peckédex Number: 629
Type: Metal type, Parrot type
Weakness: Wood type
Evolves From: Silver Proure

This bird’s brilliant hue has made it a target for traders hoping to cash in its gold for green, but in the wild it is a gregarious and social parrot, ready to shine brilliantly in any situation!

Summon Helpers – The gregarious Golden Conure attempts to summon 1-3 helper birds that will mirror its next action at 1/4 strength. Between 0 (most likely) and 3 (least likely) birds will be summoned, and can only be dispelled by a Wood-type attack.

Smelt Dealt – The Golden Conure pours liquid gold over its foes for metal-type damage. Surviving foes gain a random amount of money.

Geecaw – The Golden Conure retrieves a precious item from its cavity nest and drops it on its foe for a variety of damage types. The items range from a pebble (most common) to an anvil (least common).

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Name: Gyrfalcon
Peckédex Number: 362
Type: Water type, Murderbird type
Weakness: Fire type
Evolves From: Souvlakite

This icy raptor of the high arctic is a stone cold killer, either as an independent agent or a murderbird-for-hire in falconry. Nesting in the same chilly crevasses for centuries, if not millennia, the Gyrfalcon’s dedication to its craft is sure to make one’s head spin.

Icy Spin – The Gyrfalcon dives and spins at its foe, delivering piercing water-type damage.

Gyrfalcon Punch – The Gyrfalcon rakes enemies with its claws for hefty non-elemental damage.

Cliff Drop – Calling on its young nesting high above, the Gyrfalcon pelts enemies with rocks. The longer the Gyrfalcons have nested in that spot, the harder the rocks, and the more likely they are to inflict status effects.

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Name: Shiny American Robin
Peckédex Number: 011a
Type: Fire type, Thrush type
Weakness: Water type
Evolves From: Scruffy Spotbreast

The shiny version of the American Robin doubles down on its fiery temperament, dawn punctuality, and appetite for annelids. The result is a worm-seeking missile that is not to be underestimated, heralding a spring for the ages backed up by a badass brood.

Earliest Bird – The Shiny American Robin takes two turns in a row at the cost of its next turn.

Annelid Annihilation – This upgraded Wormstrike adds fire-type damage to the move with a chance to stun enemies and instantly defeat water-type foes.

Firebreast Storm – The Shiny American Robin’s breast grows red-hot, causing all melee attacks for the next three turns to inflict fire-type damage on any foes.

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Name: Red-Crested Turaco
Peckédex Number: 314
Type: Earth type, Jungle type
Weakness: Air type
Evolves From: Pink-Crested Loerie

The Angolan national bird proudly wears the red of his nation’s flag on his head. This lofty loerie from Luanda is always ready to lift your spirits!

Hooooah Khaaar-Khaaar – The Red-Crested Turaco picks a ripe fruit off the ground and drops it on a foe for earth-type damage.

Crest in Show – The Red-Crested Turaco slashes at its foe with its crest, dealing light non-elemental damage.

Loerie Lift – The Red-Crested Turaco lifts its foe up and drops it for earth-type damage. The larger the foe, the greater the chance of failure.

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Name: Chestnut-Sided Warbler
Peckédex Number: 289
Type: Wood type, Warbler type
Weakness: Metal type
Evolves From: Pecan-Sided Wibbler

A warbler of the Canadian borderlands and the Riviera Maya, this brunette-sided bounding bug-muncher is sure to impress.

Pleased to MEECHA! – The Chestnut-Sided Warbler sings an aggressive greeting for wood-type damage and a change of stunning its enemy.

Grand Moth Horkin – The Chestnut-Sided Warbler horks up a large moth, which flies at its foe and attempts to damage it. There is a chance that a caterpillar will be horked up instead, which will deal no damage but will heal the warbler.

Cancun Migration – The Chestnut-Sided Warbler undertakes its migration, escaping from battle with a high chance of success.

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Name: Wood Duck
Peckédex Number: 142
Type: Wood type, Waterfowl type
Weakness: Metal type
Evolves From: Twig Duckling

A dashing duck of woodlands wild with proud pompadour streaming o’er the lake! With precocious youth and a dab hand at dabbling, no one will ever say that they can’t quack it!

Claws for Perching – The Wood Duck perches on its foe, digging in its claws for non-elemental damage.

Duckling Drop – A random number of ducklings will emerge from a cavity nest and fall on the Wood Duck’s foe for wood-type damage. There is a chance per duckling that it will remain during the Wood Duck’s next turn, either absorbing damage or adding to the number of ducklings in the next drop.

Stick It To Me – The Wood Duck pulls up a sodden tree branch and throws it at its foe for wood-type damage. The branch can be a twig, branch, bough, or rarely a trunk.

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