August 2021

Name: Mississippi Kite
Peckédex Number: 24
Type: Air type, Murderbird type
Weakness: Earth type
Evolves From: Mississippi Kytoon

These swift and elegant gray raptors normally only eat bugs, but they won’t hesitate to defend themselves or their nests from all comers.

Skree-Kew! – This bold declaration increases the Mississippi Kite’s speed and decreases that of its foes.

Bug Drop – The Mississippi Kite catches a bug in mid-air and consumes it, dropping the inedible parts on its foes for moderate damage while also healing a small number of hit points.

Concert Dive – This powerful dive looses the Mississippi Kite’s beak on unsuspecting foes, but requires two turns to cool down after each use.

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Name: Canadian Goose
Peckédex Number: 23
Type: Noisy type, Waterfowl type
Weakness: Quiet type
Evolves From: Canadian Gosling

They are the last terrifying visage you see before the grave, wild dinosaurs of the north come south to pillage and plunder. Canadian Geese have all the ill-temper and hostility that Canadians themselves lack, and they will not hesitate to use it.

Toronto Twister – A vicious peck that deals Noisy type damage.

V for Victory – The Canadian Goose leads its fellows in a V-shaped attack on all enemies, with the number of geese and the amount of damage increasing with higher levels.

HONK if You Love Murder – A cacophonous honking that raises the Canadian Goose’s attack power. Does not stack.

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Name: Turkey Vulture
Peckédex Number: 22
Type: Quiet Type, Murderbird type
Weakness: Noisy Type
Evolves From: Downy Vulchling

Huge and imposing in flight and on the ground, the Turkey Vulture is actually a gentle creature that never harms living beings except in self-defense. Their diet of carrion and relation to hawks and eagles, though, means they are not to be trifled with,

Rip ‘n’ Tear – The Turkey Vulture lashes out with its beak, inflicting damage and gaining life at the same time.

HORK! – The Turkey Vulture vomits up the corrosive contents of its stomach, weakening the defense of all enemies. There is a slight chance that each enemy will have a random status effect applied as well.

Fecal Armor – The Turkey Vulture, uh, protects itself with its poo. This gives it a bonus to defense and immunity to fire-type attacks, but water-type attacks will wash it away.

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Name: Ruby-Throated Hummingbird
Peckédex Number: 21
Type: Sour type, Hummingbird type
Weakness: Sweet type
Evolves From: Hummblebee

Though their diet of nectar and diminutive size may make them seem sweet, Ruby-Throated Hummingbirds are in fact tiny battle-hardened valkyries, forever picking fights with each other over access to sugary snacks.

Piercing Peck – The Ruby-Throated Hummingbird’s stiletto beak does piercing non-elemental damage to one foe. This attack pierces all defenses.

Sugar Rush – The Ruby-Throated Hummingbird increases its speed and agility, granting it an increased chance to dodge enemy moves or counterattack.

Flower Power – This move heals the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird and offers a temporary defense boost. Multiple boosts do not stack.

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Name: Brown Thrasher
Peckédex Number: 20
Type: Earth type, Mimic type
Weakness: Air type
Evolves From: Tan Thrasher

This spotty bruiser may want you to think he is tough as nails, but he has a songbird’s heart and a talent for mimicry to go along with his cousins the mockingbirds and catbirds. But if you’re not careful, you may still get an angry thrashing.

Thrash! – The Brown Thrasher lives up to its name with a devastating peck attack that takes one turn to power up. Pierces many types of defense.

Absorb Attack – Being hit while Absorb Attack is active adds the enemy attack performed to the Brown Thrasher’s Secret Song move.

Secret Song – The Brown Thrasher unleashes a mimicry of every attack it has absorbed, in order, up to a maximum of five. The attacks’ element, if any, is changed to Earth type.

Brown Note – Any attacks that cannot be mimicked during Secret Song are converted to Brown Notes which deal minor non-elemental damage.

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Name: American Crow
Peckédex Number: 19
Type: Dark type, Crow type
Weakness: Light type
Evolves From: American Cackling

Tall, dark, and distinctive, the American Crow needs no introduction. Smart as a whip and a savvy scavenger, some may say it is a bird of ill omen or a pest, but the crows themselves do not see this as caws for concern.

Caws For Alarm – The American Crow summons its family group to deliver a dark-type multipeck attack. The number of crows appearing is random but increases with the crow’s level.

Yoink! – The American Crow attempts to steal an item from an enemy. If the attempt fails, or if the enemy has no items, a small amount of non-elemental damage is done instead.

Murder – The American Crow sacrifices some of its hit points to deliver a powerful attack. If the sacrifice brings the American Crow to 0 hit points, it will lose the battle unless the damage inflicted defeats the enemy, in which case the crow will revive with 1 HP.

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Name: Eurasian Collared Dove
Peckédex Number: 018
Type: Quiet type, Pigeon type
Weakness: Noisy type
Evolves From: Eurasian Uncollared Dove

From its pressed collar to its dapper feathers, this fancy pidge is ready to strut its stuff from the runway to the power line. Large and in charge, it is the very definition of coo.

Escape! – The Eurasian Collared Dove attempts to flee, firing feathery missiles at all foes as it does. If the escape attempt fails, all enemies take quiet-type damage and may be silenced.

Peck ‘n’ Bob – The Eurasian Collared Dove delivers a stout peck, with a slight chance of multipeck.

Hot Under the Collar – Based on the number of times it has been damaged in the current battle, the Eurasian Collared Dove delivers a blistering quiet-type attack. Each successful enemy attack that deals damage, up to ten such attacks, increases the damage of this move.

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Name: Tufted Titmouse
Peckédex Number: 017
Type: Air type, Tit type
Weakness: Earth type
Evolves From: Tufted B-Cup

Small but powerful, the Tufted Titmouse is still crest for success with their strong flight, seed-cracking abilities, and sleek gray coat. Watch out though–a fool who would cross this bird will be in for one heck of a wardrobe malfunction.

Hammer Time – The Tufted Titmouse grapples a foe and hammers on it like a stubborn seed, piercing defense for moderate air-type damage.

Peter, Peter, Peter Out – The Tufted Titmouse divebombs an enemy three times in a row, with each hit having a greater chance to miss but also a greater air-type attack power.

Say Yes to the Crest The Tufted Titmouse flashes its plumage to its enemies, with a chance to dazzle or stun them. If an enemy can’t be dazzled or stunned, a small amount of non-elemental damage is done instead.

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Name: Carolina Wren
Peckédex Number: 016
Type: Earth type, Sassy type
Weakness: Air type
Evolves From: Carolina Sassling

Stronk, chonk, and petite, the Carolina Wrenis everyone’s favorite pear-shaped bird. Able to worm into all sorts of places looking for bugs, and with a powerful year-round song, these sassy brown birbs are impossible to miss.

Chonkity – The Carolina Wren dives toward its target, doing Earth-type damage with its beak.

Drink Your Tea! – The Carolina Wren summons a boiling bot of earthy tea and douses all enemies with it.

Wall Crawl – By clinging to a nearby wall for one round, the Carolina Wren cannot damage or be damaged during that round.

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Name: Gray Catbird
Peckédex Number: 015
Type: Dark Type, Mimic Type
Weakness: Light Type
Evolves From: Gray Kittenbird

With a sassy black cap and a sassier red rear, the Gray Catbird nevertheless shy compared to its mimic cousins, preferring to meow its catcalls from cover. But beneath that demure exterior beats the true heart of a mimic, and the Gray Catbird can copy other birds as well as any of its kin.

Mew Too – By mimicking a cat, the Gray Catbird inflicts a small amount of dark type damage with a chance to inflict the Fear condition.

Mewrror, Mewrror – The Gray Catbird mimics the last enemy attack. Not all attacks can be mimicked. The attacks’ elements, if any, are changed to Dark type.

Sour Note – If the Gray Catbird tries to mimic an enemy attack which cannot be mimicked, the result will be a Sour Note, which does mild dark type damage to a single target.

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