May 2018

The answer invites the question.
The question restores the answer beneath the adjective.
The answer alters the question against the prescriptive dream.
The question interrupts a scratching unconscious.
The answer believes in the question.

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The old boiler room at the lodge was ust used for storage since the new owners had put in a modern compact furnace. People in ton had all kinds of stories about that place, too, like they did for everything else. They weren’t even gruesome stories, like some of the bad-natured scuttlebutt about Edenwood. People who used to work at the camp had a lot of trysts there, it seemed.

All that was very far away, now. Marcus had assumed the boiler room to be the safest point in the camp after Whitney and Joe had died and the phone line had been cut. But seeing Adam and Yusuf there on the floor, as indistinguishable in death as they had been in lifemae him rethink is strategy.

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St. Bella’s Jacoban Chapel
A Jacoban chapel has stood on this spot for centuries. The most recent building was completed in honor of the 1000th anniversary of the Jacoban sect, which saw Yacothia funding identical chapels all across the land. The cemetery attached to it has always had many grave problems.

Paladin’s Sword Barracks
These barracks were built during the worst of the Jacoban-Peteran wars to house a detachment of Jacob’s Sword paladins. Since the subsidence of that violent conflict into uneasy coexistence marked more by catty insults than by bloodshed, it has been turned over for the use of local troops. Local guards tend to call it “paladingy.”

Village Green
This green was once owned by a wealthy farmer who left it in perpetuity to his five sons, as long as they could live and work it together. Since the boys all detested each other, they immediately abandoned their claims to it. It now serves as a common ground for the village and a dire warning to all who are considering elaborate, ceremonial estate planning.

Let Them Eat Bakery
The local bakery for several generations, Let Them Eat is known both for its crusty black bread and its charitable attitude. Leftovers are frequently given out to beggars, no matter how crusty, and once a year at Breadfest the entire town is entitled to loaf around on the baker’s budget.

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The Gallant Griffin Tavern
Named after the arms of a noble family that once ruled these lands, the Gallant Griffin is the favored local watering hole and groggery. It is famous locally for its Hippogriff Hops brew, and barrels of their signature Griffin Grog are occasionally ordered as far away as Snordwich.

The Cloister of St. Martha
St. Martha-with-the-Field-Mice was a notable early saint, and her devotion to the Watcher lives on in her namesake cloister, as does her love of small animals and a persistent colony of snakes.

Castle Llewellyn
This edifice was constructed by the now-extinct line of the Barons Llewellyn, the famed Griffin Knights. Uninhabited for decades, it is maintained by a hardworking and fastidious Steward in the hopes that it will once more be the scene of feasts, jousts, and conspicuous consumption on an impressive scale.

Redstone Manse
The line of the Barons Llewellyn is extinct, but their distant cousin Aldus Elwyn was able to stake his claim to this manor in their former domain as a reward for his service in the Gastrobury Crusade. He now hopes to see his line take lordship over Castle Llewellyn and restore the lands to glory, or at least to respectability.

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Things We Found in the Mine by The Adventuring Party:
-Modrons (two kinds!)
-A trap that shot out a poison dart but we caught it and put it away
-Dark elves (boooo!)
-A tripwire
-A dwarf girl whose dad got kidnapped
-An easily intimidated elevator
-The skill to smack Oreos out of someone’s hand

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Sirens in the distance
Whole fire department
An ambulance roars by
Police in the median
Concerned citizens
Are frantically typing
Unanswered questions
On the department’s
Twitter feed

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My great uncle was the most humorless man I ever knew. A big Catholic stick-in-the-mud and sourpuss who I only visited out of filial piety since he was the only living relative I had left on my dad’s side.

I knew something was wrong when I came into his apartment and found him laughing hysterically.

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