The Adele-Deerton-Osborn Heights district wasn’t very populated, but the state representative it offered was highly coveted due to the low number of registered voters and relatively lax residency requirements. It was, in effect, a pocket borough in the making. The region had changed party loyalty a few times, and was competitive between Blue Dogs and Republicans.

For geographical convenience, especially as many of the tiny communities could barely handle local elections (so say nothing of the many absentee ballots) most poling was done at Adele-Deerton-Osborn Heights (ADO) North, in Adele, and ADO South, in Deerton. Wags had noted for a long time that either place represented a key electoral choke point, and that a savvy campaigner might be able to tip the election one way or another by exploiting the lay of the land.

This is the story of how Annabelle Greer did just that.