Andrew Rumpfs, CEO and chairman of Rumpfs Equities LLC GmbH, had asked his secretary to forward calls to his office phone while she was on vacation. He may have been a ruthless multibillionaire tyrant, but he wasn’t below answering his own phone for a few days. By force of habit, he also forwarded his own calls to Donna’s phone whenever he left the office, as the few people important enough to know his direct extension weren’t the people who could be left on the line.

It wasn’t until he dialed into his own landline from his cell to leave a reminder message that Rumpfs realized his mistake. His landline phone was forwarding calls to Donna, and Donna’s phone was forwarding calls to his landline in an infinite loop.

He had crossed the streams.

They say that the tortured spirit of Andrew Rumpfs haunts the internal telecommunications infrastructure of Rumpfs Equities LLC GmbH to his very day.

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