“Sometimes I wonder if the things I see every day are signs that we’ve peaked as a society.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, look at where the money and the public interest is these days. You have more ink spilled over pro sports than politics. More kids wanting to be fashion designers and pro athletes than doctors, engineers, or even writers. The biggest thing we have going for us at the moment seems to be brain drain from other countries because our standard of living is better than theirs, but that can’t last forever. Our civilization, and the ones like it for that matter, don’t seem as hungry anymore.”

“Well, that’s literally true. We don’t have to worry about hunger and basic necessities anymore, by and large.”

“Right. And because of that it seems like we’re able to give free, safe reign to our caveman tribal instincts by investing them in new things. Like sports teams, fashion lines, other ridiculous cultural us-verses-them propositions that don’t even carry the weight of sports and fashion from a generation ago, much less things that are really important.”

“Hang on a sec. Is this just because your favorite team didn’t get into one of the 700 bowl games they have in the postseason now for revenue purposes?”

“…no comment.”

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