Taking Stephen Jay Gould to heart, the Neoteny Society was dedicated to the idea that humans, as a species, were just the larval stage of another organism. Neoteny, meaning in this case the sexual maturity of an organism still in its larval stage rather than the retention of juvenile characteristics in the adult, was held by the Society to be an evolutionary mistake preventing humans from reaching their true potential.

In response to the claim that their beliefs were scientifically unsupportable, the Society advanced the notion that the “adult” humans has been gossamer being, capable of flight and with no tissues suitable for fossilization. This, along with the regular experimentation of Society members with hormones they believed would trigger their metamorphoses into “adults,” regularly provoked ridicule in the press and in scientific circles. The Society was awarded so many “bad science” prizes that they were eventually disqualified from further competition–a sign of the laughingstock that they had become.

That is until one day, when a building inspector found the Neoteny Society building deserted save for a hole in the roof. None of the members were ever seen again.

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