The Drac Asiv counted himself foremost among the Dracs of the Vassalage because his ancestor had been the first to supplicant himself before the Liege. For that, he had been awarded the title of Drac—”dragon” in the Newish promulgated by the Liege. All the other Dracs, created later, looked to the Drac Asiv as the first among equals.

After the Liege died, the revolution he founded became ossified, stagnant. The Vassalage groaned under the Drac’s taxes, his conscription, his willfullness even as father passed to son and son to grandson. The last Drac, who had lost count of the generations, could not even guesstimate.

Speaking only Newish and never knowing the poverty of the Vassalage or the horror of the world it had swept aside, the last Drac Asiv was confident in his place and in his world. He could not have been more wrong.

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