Observers never see the Four Ladies apart, or in any other orientation. The specters are always facing each other, with the innermost two embracing while the others look on, impassive. The middlemost of the Four are always seen in full, while the others grow indistinct toward the ground, trailing off into wisps of vapor.

No one knows what the Four Ladies are the spirits of, if spirits indeed they are. A popular rumor about a summer camp for women that was the site of an illicit tryst is easily debunked–the summer camp started in 1960 and the apparitions had been seen for decades before then, and never at the site itself. A local legend about two pairs of twins, and one from each becoming lovers, has never had any substantiated proof. Theories about four personalities of a schizophrenic also are not supported by any real evidence other than salacious rumor.

The only thing that the paranormal investigators from Spook!TV claimed during their filmed segment was that they felt an “insidious anger” in areas frequented by the Four. The episode never aired, as the crew fell into infighting and their camerawoman quit on the spot.

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