The cat lorded over the mice, for he knew that his power greatly exceeded theirs. If he could catch them, he could kill them, and this made him fear no mouse, even though they outnumbered him ten thousand to one in his domain.

The cat also fancied himself more intelligent than the mice, and made no secret of his hunting, gorging himself on as many mice as he could catch. The mice found this situation intolerable, so they decided to band together against the cat.

A cat may easily kill one mice, ten mice, even a hundred mice. But a thousand? Ten thousand mice swarmed the cat that day, and though he fought his hardest he was overwhelmed and consumed.

This was an abject lesson to the other cats. Mind that your lessers do not see you as their mortal enemy, mind that they do not descend upon you as one, and if you must hunt, hunt quietly.

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