After the first years of his confinement, he realized that he was surrounded by weapons. Indeed, the very chains that often bound him were powerful tools in the right hands. But there would be only one opportunity.

So for two full years he practiced, building up his strength with whatever exercises were at hand, and perfecting his aim in the few moments that the guards left him unattended. The most difficult trick was breaking the lock binding his shackles; much of that two-year span was spent finding and honing a steel rod for the purpose, one that had once been the axle for a small wheel.

When the opportunity finally arose, he did not hesitate. The guard was brained with a free shackle on the end of a chain during an instant when his back was turned, and the sword in his scabbard found a new home in the breast of the watchman.

There were two final steps in the escape plan: to release his fellow prisoners to aid in the effort, and to seek revenge.

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