An entire ecosystem evolved under the city, with the barest traces of the magicks used in food, or in cosmetics, or to keep the labyrinthine sewers unclogged all mingling in the tepid and noxious waters.

On the one hand, there were the usual animals–vermin, insects and rats–that would consume and become contaminated by magicks. This often twisted or mutilated their forms unpredictably, resulting in everything from the hive-mind roaches of the Sythr Spillway to the rat metropolis of Hmin that was constructed in the storm drains under the Boulevard of Roses.

On the other, there were purely magical forms of life that arose, inanimate matter brought to shuddering life by misguided sparks of power. The muckmen of the forgotten cesspool, for instance, and the terrifying scrap striders of the junkyard runoff. Aboveground pests like the enormous tuglen crickets were sometimes blamed on this process, though without any real proof.

In both cases, periodic sweeps by the artificers in public works would identify and destroy any nascent magical life that posed a threat to the stability of the system. Until the sweep teams stopped coming back, that is.

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