I, Ad Dakhla, scribe and chronicler to the court of the Sultan of the City of Bronze, do here set down what I have learned of Blazebrand, the legendary fiery sword of the sands. It is said that the blade was cast down from Vloles and the Dreaming Moon, arriving in a vast explosion that created a crater of glass. Its blade crisscrossed with strange lines, Blazebrand was found by a caravan, who soon learned of its ability to absorb and project the mighty desert sun into a weapon of unparalleled heat and brightness, yet leaving the hand that wielded it untouched.

Through its power the caravanned gained much renown as a sorcerer and swordsman, but found that his influence was only as great as his reach, for he lacked the other skills that build a kingdom or an empire. After a failed attempt on the City of Brass itself, he and Blazebrand went north to trackless and frozen Harbiyyah to find their fortune. It had been his plan to easily subdue the challenges of the north with the power of heat, and so he did. But when the Long Night came, and the sun vanished for a month, so too did the power of the Blazebrand. It is said that it remains there in cold Harbiyyah within the hoard of a frost-paguro to this very day.

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