The human tradition of a groundhog seeing its shadow, and therefore predicting an extended winter cycle, has spread to most cultures and factions. Given that groundhogs themselves are extinct, humans tend to rely on a local substitute, like a Aldebaran Blood Maggot, or a cybernetic replacement, like the Dibovv OmniHog 3.0.

The gyu’Vatna, ruling warrior caste of the Vatna Hegemony, hold that if a Vantna scorpssum’s breath is visible on the first day of Icemourn, that the glacier melt will be later than usual and lead to a drought. Given that gyu’Vatna war financiers tend to make major financial decisions on this basis, rumors persist that the ritual scorpssums are artificially heated.

Fulvan Hive
While traditional Fulvans eschew such superstitions, Reform and Orthodox Fulvans both have a prophetic animal legend, the Nova Bear and Pulsar Fox, respectively. If the Nova Bear emerges from hibernation before the rising of the white dwarf Fulvan β, then the nova from Eta Reticuli Δ will be more visible than usual. If the Pulsar Fox turns red due to high levels of ionizing radiation, on the other hand, it means that Fulvan β is entering an active period.

Zypger are well-known to favor pet thoughtworms, which can read minds from a short distance and provide the entire contents of a properly devoured cerebral cortex. But if a rare red thoughtworm is born, it is thought to herald the future unraveling of a grand conspiracy. In these cases, the red worm is often set aside and used in the interpretation of data about said conspiracy as it unwinds. Skeptics do not hesitate to point out that Zypger society it 40% conspiracies by volume.

At the opening of the global Festival of Good Vibes, the semi-telepathic Ebzhyna will intuit the most psychically gifted boxhog and declare it to be the Joy Hog. Tradition dictates that the events of the following year will mirror the life of the Joy Hog, so intensive steps are taken to ensure that it lives a life of decadent luxury. It is not unknown, however, for the Joy Hog to die of excess or even be assassinated–with major harhsing effects on Ebzhyna vibes on a galactic scale.

The Obets’ closest living relative, the darorwo, resembles nothing so much as a large and particularly corpulent Obet–albeit one with razor-sharp teeth that is capable of lightning-fast predatory action. During their summer cycle, the first darorwo to emerge from a given swamp is given a defective hatchling to eat, and the manner in which it eats is said to be a portent of the cycle to come. A clean beheading, though rare, is a universal symbol of good fortune. A refusal to eat, which is rarer still, is thought to herald utter calamity.

All organic life on 11001001 Prime was integrated eons ago, but the myth persists in the collective shared consciousness that the first pseudo-random number generated by PRN.EXE during a statutory period will have an effect on the period itself. While this has long been explicitly disproven by 11001001 mathematicians and statisticians, it remains common. Particularly lucky numbers include primes and integers expressible as the sum of two cubes.

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