Title: Cowboy Guns
Developer: Chuo Team
Publisher: Xtreem Games
System: Ultra Musjido Multimedia System (UMMS)
Release Date:
NA: October 3, 1994
EU: January 17, 1995

Fresh off the success of Kauboigan 2, Chuo Team hired Xtreem Games to localize the title for the North American and European markets. Xtreem was somewhat notorious for taking liberties with its translations but producing a result that was entertaining if not wholly faithful to the original. Xtreem removed all light gun support, and its translation renamed the four main characters as Klint, Steve, Bikki, and Wayne. They also produced a new manual in-house which emphasized the game’s humor and cartoonishness, and replaced the original soundtrack with one from their in-house composer.

Despite the changes, which made the narrative link between the game and Western Guns! difficult to parse, the game was a decent seller in North America but a major hit in Europe, where it was #1 for three months straight. Its North American version has since become a highly sought-after collectible, while conversely its European version is an extremely common find in PAL territories.

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