“You don’t know what kind of guy you’re dealing with here. Richardson named his own daughter Euskara after the Basque word for Basque.”

“So? Celebrities have named their daughters after the English word for apple before.”

“And after that he only spoke to her in Basque. He wanted her to follow in his footsteps and being a native speaker of a language isolate was his first move.”

“Hm. Did it work?”

“We contacted Euskara after Richardson didn’t come home. She lives in an artist’s collective in Prague, goes by Kara, and told us she hoped her father was dead. If that answers your question.”

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The recording was very low quality, with frequent stutterstops and digital artifacts, but the woman speaking was very clearly Dr. Sinneslöschen.

“Language is not only representation, but also creation,” she said, her voice sounding metallic and watery due to the low audio quality. “If you compare the lexicons of various languages, you will find that some words are more effective than others in communicating concepts or bringing about action. These tend to be either descended from ancestral word forms, like Proto-Indo-European, or spontaneous–and mysterious–words that arise almost like genetic mutations.”

Dr. Sinneslöschen wiped her brow before continuing. “It sounds crazy, but my research has led me to believe that–if properly constructed out of ancestral and mutant morphemes–it would be possible to create ur-words. Not nouns, verbs, or adjectives, but Nouns, Verbs, and Adjectives. To merely speak a Noun would bring that which it describes into being. A Verb would unerringly bring about the action it describes. An Adjective would cause the quality so described to immediately and permanently be applied to the subject.”

“It’s been the realm of fantasy authors and visionary madmen, and now I believe it is within my grasp.” She reached up and apparently muted the audio. Placing a small orange upon a nearby table, Sinneslöschen spoke at it, her lips moving but no discernable word on her lips.

The fruit splattered into pulp second later, and the video ended.