I think I am mildly allergic to curry powder. It irritates my mucus membranes and makes me feel like I’ve been maced.

I lost a dime-sized chunk of skin on the back of my leg to a necrotic spider or tick bite.

I’m ambidextrous, can write with my left hand, and am right eye dominant. This explains the failure of my archery career.

When I taught college English for a few years, I was younger at 21 than some of my students.

I love movie and video game soundtracks and music with no lyrics or unintelligible lyrics. It lets me plaster my own story over the song.

I once sold a story for a tidy sum to people so secretive they tracked down a Livejournal about it and made me change it.

Finding good bargains at thrift stores gives me a similar high to that most drug users get.

I hope to visit every continent someday. Three left: South America, Australia, Antarctica.

I flunked out of the spelling bee two years in a row for the same word: allegiance. I still can’t get it right and in fact misspelled it while tying this entry (as “allegience”).

I’m a compulsive punner. If I were a superhero, it would be the Pun-isher.

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