People tend to think, as the ancients did, that animating essences can only be generated by nature. The dryads inhabiting trees, the naiads submerged beneath bubbling brooks, the fickle spirits of wild and desolate places.

People tend to be wrong, as they so often are.

Any object with a purpose can serve as a physical anchor for something in the metaphysical world. Perhaps it’s best to think of them as emergent patterns in the code of life, ones perhaps not intended by nevertheless embraced by the great Programmer. They tend to come into being attached to older, well-used structures, the ones bathed by the psychic output of many vibrant lives passing by. Places like that have many lingering and lost pieces of life’s code to incorporate and evolve.

So that streetlight you see on the corner–the old one, ornate, from an age of craftsmen–may play host to a dryad of its own. A being of electricity and light, coming forth only on the darkest and hottest of summer nights, illuminating all in her footsteps.

You may also encounter the broken spirits, the lost, whose links have been severed through accident or demolition. Cursed to wander aimlessly until their energies dissipate back into the Universal Code.

In either case, you will never look at a humble streetlight, parking meter, or bus stop in the same way ever again.
Inspired by this.

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