Long before our time, the advanced civilization known as “Nizalaa” spanned the globe. Armed with technology more sophisticated than any the world has ever known, the Nizalaans sought to create a perfect society. The peace was safeguarded by legions of soldiers known as Aretsuk. And among the ranks of the Aretsuk were the ultimate elite warriors of Nizalaa: the Tuqallions. While the Kustara were drawn from the population at large based on their latent psionic affinities, the Tuqallions were carefully engineered by Nizalaans geneticists to be stronger, faster, and more psionically endowed than even the most gifted of the Aretsuk. The title of Tuqallion was handed down from generation to generation, with the son or daughter of each warrior taking their place.

However, the Council of Nizala was not satisfied with the Aretsuk or the Tuqallions; their modifications did nothing to extend life or reverse aging. It therefore sanctioned its most talented scientists, Ash and Pericles, to forge ahead with newer and more dangerous experiments. When the Council discovered that Ash had disobeyed their orders and was developing components for space flight rather than genetic research, he was exiled. Dr. Pericles enjoyed more success, culminating in the creation of a completely artificial being. Pericles called his creation “Esurnmoh”, which meant “light of the future” in the Nizalaan tongue. The Council was impressed by Dr. Pericles’ creation, and immediately began to conduct tests on Esurnmoh. However, the artificial being was both more powerful and more unstable than either Pericles or the Council had anticipated. Esurnmoh broke free of his containment , and laid waste to the nation of Nizalaa.

The Council dispatched its legions of Aretsuk, backed by the Tuqallions, to destroy Esurnmoh as he lay seige to their capital of Nabsir. Esurnmoh annihalated the opposing force, leaving only a few scattered survivors in his wake. The city of Nabsir was destroyed, and both the Council and Dr. Pericles were killed. The survivors of Nizalaa were demoralized and scattered to the four winds, and Esurnmoh held sway over the entire planet. Of the once-mighty legions of Tuqallion, only five remained, and only a handful of Aretsuk accompnied them. However, by combining their own psychic powers with equipment from Pericles’ lab, they succeeded in confining Esurnmoh in an isolation cell. Unable to destroy him, the Tuqallions opened a huge rift in the earth, and buried the cell under thousands of tons of rock, as well as chunks of the devastated cities of Nizalaa.

Over time, as civilization slowly recovered, the exploits of these heroes became legend, although the descendants of the Tuqallions and the Aretsuk persisted in remote corners or the earth. Eventually, technology began to near the zenith it had once occupied under Nizalaa. But always, the threat of Esurnmoh remained–silent, buried, and patient for its inevitable release.