“Ekaterina. Ekaterina Miloslovna Shuster Daniels Gilman. I’m pretty sure you can figure out which of those is the maiden name.”

Rourke sniffed and sipped his coffee. “If that’s supposed to mean more to me than ‘Jane Doe’ I suggest you try a little harder, Sonny. A stiff’s a stiff.”

“She was a famous surfer and actress in the 60’s,” Sonny said. “Her mother wrote the Tinker novels, inspired by her kid’s antics and surfer nickname, and then got that selfsame kid the starring role in the six or seven beach-blanket movies they made from them.”

“Holy hell.” Rourke cast a fresh eye over the body in the bathtub. “That’s Tinker? My god, I used to keep a 8×10 glossy of her next to a box of tissues when I was in junior high. What happened? She’s not even sixty and she looks like my grandmother…”

“You know how it is with people when the spotlight starts shining,” said Sonny. “She married her producer at 17, got hooked on seven different kind of sauce. Before the divorce he beat her so bad after a hit of coke that she had a miscarriage, and the state took her other kid away for neglect. Surfer movies hit the skids, nobody would insure her…probably a lot of those last names were taken on for the money attached to them.”

“Well, at least she’s remembered by the younger generation,” said Rourke. He looked very old, very tired, as he spoke. “Your mom was probably in diapers when they made ‘Tinker in Barbados’ and you still know the whole goddamn story, unlike a generation of kids like me who forgot about her as soon as we were old enough to feel a little local boob.”

“No, I just looked her up on my phone,” Sonny said. “Don’t know her from Eve, but the Omnipedia article on her’s pretty thorough. Well, except for the ‘living celebrities’ category.”

“Thanks, Sonny. That’s exactly what I needed to hear.” Rourke looked at the body for a moment, silently counting the needle marks on the arm that protruded from the bathtub. Then he drew the curtain and walked into the living room.

“Forensics is gonna give you hell for touching the scene before they get here!” Sonny cried behind him.

“Screw ’em. I don’t want to see her like this.”