In the depths of most forests of any size, one will eventually come across an impenetrable wall of brambles or underbrush.

That is its Asylum.

The entrance is always hidden, known but to a few small animals who guard the secret and pass it down among generations. The trees and insects see this wisdom of this endeavor, and lend their considerable aid–even those that fly or climb will find no escape. And well that these things are so, as the Asylum is a place of containment meant to sustain and isolate its inhabitants until the end of their days.

For even in nature, it is the case that dark things sometimes slip in from the void between the worlds and take possession of innocent creatures. Their actions are not their own, so death would be an injustice, yet to allow them to roam unchecked would be violence and chaos. Hence the Asylum, a place of gentle confinement where the unfortunates may be sequestered.

Few humans have ever beheld even the leading edge of such a place; fewer still the interior.

None have ever returned.