Some say she is the exiled princess of a kingdom beyond the veil of the day-to-day world, some that she is the illusory form assumed by a creature or consciousness beyond human comprehension. Perhaps the most parsimonious explanation is that she is a sorceress of the Old Order who has carefully struck deals with Time and Space to be exempt from both in exchange for some long-ago service.

When encountered, she is always dressed in foreign or exotic clothes; a Perytion shayshmyr robe in Uldar, Uldarian peasant culottes and dress in Peryt. She is always accompanied by two small figures in similar clothing but with concealed faces; they appear at first to be children but may be dwarves or even marionettes depending on the observer, the season, or the angle of the sun.

Of the travelers, farmers, and others that she meets on the road, a single question is asked: what is most precious in the world? Refusing to answer or giving an answer which displeases the asker seems to have no effect; she will pass by with a cutting remark or in total silence. An answer which intrigues her, though…that will bring the offer of a boon in exchange for a service. Someone who answers that their family is precious may be offered a larger farm; a person who favors gold may be offered a sack of it.

The boon will always turn out to cost the supplicant exactly what it was they valued. The farm will be infertile; the gold will lead to poor and bankrupting investments or be seized by highwaymen. And the boon? One year and one day after the service is rendered, the person who received it will vanish, never to be seen again.

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