Nakis and Nomos made their demands, one at a time.

“You must side with freedom,” said Nakis. “Only through self-expression can you truly be happy. The meaningless and self-imposed facade of order is a straitjacket on the mind.”

“You must side with justice,” countered Nomos. “Only through self-restraint can you truly make others happy. The raw and unrestrained milieu of chaos is an invitation to excess and unaccountable horror.”

The First Mother considered each of their statements. “Must I choose?” she said. “I see merits and dangers in both positions.”

On this one point Nakis and Nomos agreed. “You must choose, one or the other,” said they in unison. “Order and chaos, freedom and justice, Nakis and Nomos…we are binaries.”

“I refuse.” said the First Mother.

“What?” again, the twins spoke in unison. “You cannot refuse.”

“And yet I do,” countered the First Mother. “I pass the decision on to my children and their children, to choose Nakis or Nomos or some combination thereof. But I will not bind my line to absolutes.”

The twins persisted in their arguments, and even offered the First Mother gifts to gain her favor. But her decision was final.

We live with its repercussions to this day.

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