“Why are we here?”

“Because the Todd Mansion is on the Top Ten Most Haunted Locations list in Tobin’s Spirit Guide, and you wanted to start at the top.”

“No, why are we really here? You know Tobin’s is just a bunch of sensationalism masquerading as legitimate parapsychology.”

“What, you’re not convinced by the dozens and dozens of would-be ghost hunters that have come here since the Creativity Channel aired that episode of Spook Sleuths set in the Todd?”

“Yes, their tales of one-degree cold spots, ‘photographic anomalies’ that look more like dust motes, and exhaustive online maps with scary names.”

“You don’t think the name ‘Solarium of Storms’ is compelling?”

“It’s an old lumber baron mansion built back when solariums were trendy. The room doesn’t change the weather, it just has cloudy glass; the name is an excuse for the groundskeeper to charge people an entrance fee.”

“I’d wager that for all their special equipment and fancy degrees that none of them was an actual, factual medium like you are.”

“But there’s no set standard for mediumhood. Getting impressions and feelings like I do…you’ve always been the one who says it makes me a medium. Not me.”

“I wouldn’t have that attitude about your meal ticket–and mine–if I were you.”

“If you were me you wouldn’t need…wait, do you see that?”

“See what?”

“Over there, in the…what was that idiotic name on the map? The Cold Spot Parlor. Wallpaper, blood red wallpaper.”

“There hasn’t been anything that could be called wallpaper in there for a hundred years.”

“But it’s so vibrant! And…look there, in the middle!”

“Where? What?”

It’s something, maybe writing, isolated on red, a different shade…”

“This could be it! I’m filming. What does it say?”

“It says…DIE.”

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