01. The best internet links are the ones which make you cry in your cubicle, whether from laughter or empathy. If you do not have a cubicle, acquire one, even if it means setting one up in the spare room.

02. It’s not how often you update your blog that matters, but how heartfelt your posts are. Do try to shoot for at least once every six months, though; you can save up all the feels during that time.

03. Using a gendered salutation like “dear sir” or “dear Mr.” in an ambiguous situation will make you an object of private ridicule or public shame if you get it wrong. If in doubt, use the standard universal omnisex salutation: “hey chowderhead.”

04. Introverts will one day rule the world. And we will do it from the shadows with an extroverted puppet figurehead just to throw you off the scent. Come to think of it, maybe we rule from the shadows already…!

05. Nerdiness, geekiness, and dorkiness, are not to be shunned, but embraced. Nothing creates a shared bond faster than meeting a fellow Trekkie/Whovian/Browncoat; you can forge a shared connection through longing that the Enterprise/TARDIS/Serenity will show up and take you away.

06. You can never have too many books or too many bookshelves. Unless you create a Babel tower of books and it collapses, spraying loose pages across three states. That might be slightly too many.

07. God has a plan for all of us. If you ever doubt that, just remember the He has a great sense of humor. The existence of Lolcats is too perfect to be the result of chance.

08. Sign language is the most elegant form of communication. When the world becomes a giant rock concert, as it inevitably will, signs will be out only means of speaking amongst the decibels.

09. Cats are a microcosm of all life’s pains and joys. It is important to note that life does not like going to the vet.

10. Science makes everything cooler: just look at “science fiction.” This does not conflict with #7; Science and God are Secret Best Friends.

From an idea by breylee.

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