The real thing that made the Necron-6 the preferred arm of choice for everyone from mercenaries to low-rent soldiers was its almost obsessive modularity and expandability.

The Necron-6 was a chunky pistol that fed from a full-size military standard magazine ahead of the grip with a simple but reliable roller-delayed blowback mechanism. But both the front and the rear of the pistol featured universal couplings that could be used to mount an astonishing variety of stocks and barrel extensions. As such, it could be reconfigured on the fly from a hip pistol with a 6-round magazine to a rifle with a full-length barrel, suppressor, adjustable stock, and 20-round magazine. Replacing a few internal parts could convert it from being legal for concealed carry on Arvenian II to being practically an assault rifle illegal everywhere except wild untamed Xanthos.

And that very ubiquity and adaptability made it all but impossible to trace the Necron-6 that had killed the Heirophant.

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