The Twelvers, or the Twelve Sisters are the cosmopolitan cities of the Dodecopolis, a group of trading cities that dot the coasts and rivers of Naix. The cities are ancient, strategic, and fiercely independent. While they were once under the nominal suzerainty of the Crimson Empire, they exist in a loose confederation after its destruction.

Each of the cities has a name, the origins of which lie with the ancient language of the long-extinct Voyagers who founded them, and a poetic descriptor give to them by the Crimson Emperors who brought them into the Empire, albeit temporarily. They are:

Auida, the First Sister
Huhan, the Impregnable
Bauarn, the Jewel of the River
A’Jinaue, the Learned Sister
N’Raunj, the Martial Sister
H’Naunn, the Spiritual Sister
Gaiza, the Hermit Sister
Ruijaau, the Divine Mystery
Inrauinj, the Sorrow of the Sands
Aud, the Treasure of Naix
Poeb, the Quicksilver
Eaju, the Last Sister

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