“What’ll you give me for this?” the guy said, hefting the Blu-Ray player onto the countertop.

“Market’s not what it was,” said the owner. “Everyone’s going digital. A pound is the best I can do.”

“You sure you can’t do two?” said the guy. “I really need this.”

“If you throw in that Bluetooth headset, I could give you one and a half,” replied the owner. “Final offer.”

“Fine, fine,” said the man. “Give it here.”

The owner hefted a bucket onto the countertop, dripping with salt water and smelling like the beach at high tide. “Here. One and a half pounds of fresh prawns.”

Eagerly, the man put on a bib with a decapod emblazoned on it and licked his lips. “Just what I needed!”

“Remember, you can get your Blu-Ray back within 30 days if yo repay me in full plus ten percent,” the owner added.

“I don’t think so,” said the man, his mouth already full of chitin and butter. “I don’t think so.”

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