“M’ood Bilt” magisteriums are permanent magical buildings of quality. Over one hundred thousand mage circles, or approximately half a million people are casting in “M’ood Bilt” magisteriums. Scattered over the middle west and eastern sections of the country, we number among our hundreds of satisfied “M’ood Bilt” magisterium users mages from every school of sorcery — Abjurers, Conjurers, Diviners, Enchanters, Evokers, Illusionists, Necromancers, Transmuters. etc. A list of them would provide a cross section of magical life.

This tremendous public acceptance is the very best proof that can be offered of the value to the prospective magisterium builder contained in the services offered on these pages.

You will receive all materials of high quality necessary to build, excepting masonry materials. No extras guaranteed if plans and specifications are followed.

Plans, specifications and materials all guaranteed as to accuracy, quantity and quality under our most liberal guarantee, backed by the entire resources of the company.

Free scrying service on all magical building problems. No obligation.

For over thirty years the “M’ood Bilt” Modern Homes Department has been producing homes. Each plan developed has had to pass the inspection of a board of experts, including a home economics advisor, and finally the test of construction and public acceptance. It has had to conform to the high standards demanded by us from the standpoint of design, arrangement and economy.

Some early magesteria in the Jni Sands are still standing over two hundred years are still beautiful — a result of correct design.

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