Day 1: Contact your sponsor and give them your information. They’ll keep you honest! Check in with them every day, or you’ll lose the Cocoon Challenge!

Day 2: Draw a butterfly on a piece of paper.

Day 3: Post your butterfly with the hashtag #CocoonChallenge

Day 4: Find a picture of a butterfly somewhere around your house or your town. Take a selfie with it.

Day 5: Post your selfie with the hashtag #IAmAButterfly.

Day 6: Using the same piece of paper from Day 2, draw yourself.

Day 7: Post your two drawings with the hashtag #Yolk.

Day 8: Find a clear sidewalk or other piece of cement, put your drawing on it, and burn the drawing. Take a picture or video of it.

Day 9: Post your picture or video with the hashtag #TheEggIsHatching

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