“She’s been here,” said Fitz.

“You sure about that?” said Ulyanova, her voice tinny in Fitz’s earpiece. “We’ve gotten close before.

Fritz crouched down over the mattress. It was neatly made, squared away military-style. Dried food packs and first-aid supplies were stacked nearly in what was left of bombed-out cupboards. A hand-drawn map of the area was taped to a wall, complete with several killzones marked out.

But the most telling sign was the SVD-99 resting in a corner, complete with a reusable, cleanable suppressor adapted from a VSS-2001. You could only find those in skeins where the Soviet Union hadn’t collapsed, and it hadn’t gotten embroiled in the Kashmir War–and those were tough to find.

“She’s been here very recently,” Fitz added.

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