The world’s leader in discount and thrifty ocean cruises is proud to present the following activities for our cruise to Canada:

Around the World Brew Tour
– Take a tour from Mexico to Canada and back with our top of the line brews, all available for a low per-can cost.

Stairwell Olympics
– Break a sweat and watch the pounds melt away as you run up and down Utility Stairwell 7b.

The Yellow Experience
– Get those art skills flowing and channel your inner Picasso as you and your fellow passengers repaint Funnel Two.

Good Neighbor Games
– Some of our passengers haven’t been buying enough optional add-ons! Join the Sales Squad to help rectify this and earn .05% cash back for every hundred items sold!

Sponsor A Shipmate
– Not to be nosy, but would you be willing to serve some basic crew functions with a smile? If so, we have immediate entry-level openings that can be exchanged for future travel vouchers with Crestfall!

Couples Cruise Crawl – Learn the ins and outs of our mighty vessel, as well as your partner, with our innovative program that combines talking therapy and deck-swabbing.

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