For this year’s Camp NaNoWriMo, I’m going to try doing some prewriting with random characters and scenes from my next project! 2 d20s and a d10 to choose a main character, a minor character, and a location, and then write out a little scene. It should be fun!

1. Dex’s Grocery
2. QuickStop gas station
3. Richemont Dairies LLC
4. Orville’s Bakery
5. Grand Tecumseh Hotel
6. Movies R Us
7. Higbee Public Library
8. Higbee Public Schools
9. Chandler County Court House
10. Gaius Cassius Longinus (G.C.L.) Maddox Statue
11. Haverford Park
12. The Chuck Wagon Bar and Grill
13. Fox Manor, on the outskirts of town
14. Higbee Town Hall
15. The Osborne House, Leelanau Street
16. Higbee City Cemetary
17. River Bluff Apartments
18. A back alley, downtown
19. Stubb’s Coffee
20. The streets of Higbee

1. Elizabeth “Ruby” Kilgore, part-timer and student
2. Heath Kilgore, student and tinkerer
3. The Margrave, Malika Anax, destroyer of worlds
4. Syd, the Margrave’s enigma
5. Charlie, the Margrave’s muscle
6. Gnat, the Margrave’s brains
7. Lewy, the Margrave’s right hand
8. “Lady” Simona Osborne, socialite
9. Sheriff Teddy Decker Jr., lawman
10. Jayda Benning, the MacBook Bandit

11. “Major” Thomas McNab, vice principal
12. Ms. Rosalita Inez, librarian
13. The Orville family: Rita, James, and Jim Jr., bakers
14. Dexter “Dex” Buford, grocer
15. Ian Lebedev, gas stationer
16. Elena Salgado Kilgore, mother of two
17. Dr. John Clement, physician
18. Nameless bystander
19. Create a new character
20. Talking to themselves

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