“Hey, good to see you, Jim.” the man smiled. “I haven’t seen you since the gallbladder, how’s it going?”

Syd grinned back as wide as possible. They’d imitated the Movies R Us clerk, sure, but that didn’t include the guy’s name, or his medical history, or anything. At least Syd knew the guy’s name was Jim, at least.

“Uh, hi, doc,” Syd said, taking a desperate guess that the silver-haired man with an expensive-looking watch was a doctor. It was either that or a Chinese medicine guy, with all the talk of gallbladders. “Oh, it’s…it’s fine. Yeah. All healed.”

The doctor set down his DVD, and looked at Syd over the tops of his glasses. “It’s fine, huh? Grew back on you, did it?” he said, a grim and serious expression on his face.

“Well, uh…” Syd tensed up, getting ready to bolt and then chuck the movie rental guy’s form at the first opportunity. “I mean, it sometimes feels that way, but…”

The doctor’s face suddenly lightened, and he grinned. “Relax, Jim,” he said. “I’m just messing with you. Who’d have the gall to grow one of those back after we yanked it out of them already, huh?”

“Ah! Yeah. Well, not me. On account of not having a gallbladder anymore, y’know, nowhere to put the gall.” Syd picked up the DVD and looked at it. “Ice Pirates?” they said. “That is…that’s a deep cut, doc.”

“I know, I know,” the doctor laughed. “It’s cheesy, but it’s fun as hell and it’s not on Netflix. I saw this when I was in college, you know, in the theater. It sucked then, too, but it’s always more about who you’re with at the time, you know?”

“Who were you with?” Syd had no earthly idea how to run the video rental system, so they quickly smashed a few random keys and handed the disc case back.

“My wife. Well, at the time, she was just my live in girlfriend and baby mama. But still. Good times, y’know?”

“Y-yeah,” Syd said. They had a sudden flash of a memory, of sitting in a theater showing From Justin to Kelly, wrapped arm in arm with… “Good times.”

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