Welcome to a EFNB 10th Anniversary Week special announcement! While reading my work to write sequel entries, it seems I accidentally posted two entries on February 21, 2010. So I am time-shifting this decade-old entry, originally published 2/21/2010, ahead in time and adding this note for the purposes of consistency. Enjoy a blast from the past!

Violet sighed deeply and leaned back in her chair. The best weekends, she thought, were the ones where you have nothing hanging over your head. Damocles could have had a relaxing weekend if he’d been able to get rid of his sword for two days, and Violet had managed to get rid of hers.

Or so she thought.

The telephone rang, and her eyes flashed in annoyance. “Should have disconnected it,” she muttered, pulling herself reluctantly from the seat and making for the phone line where it met the wall.

The answering machine whirred into action, blaring out a message until cut short by the pulled line. “Violet, did you forget? You were supposed to—”