Greenman stopped and stared at the card. “This is real,” he said. “She is calling in a favor.”

“Absurd,” said Olive. “She doesn’t usually care about the other Hues. Too busy playing her little games.”

Greenman looked over at Harry. “What did you tell her,” he said darkly, “to get her to interfere in our business?”

“I just asked to trade myself in her place. And she said that all she wanted was one night of my friend’s life.”

Olive and Greenman looked at one another. “Your soul?” Olive said. “Worthless. Trousers for a button.”

“But a night of Ms. Rasmussen’s life…she must have something in mind,” Greenman mused. “And if we don’t, she’ll…”

“She’ll…” Olice echoed.

“She’ll…?” Harry said.

“Are you still here?” Greenman snapped. “Fine. The deal is done. Go and wait to hear from us once we decide what to do with your miserable soul. And don’t you dare interfere in the business of Hues again, because without a patron to protect you there’s nothing to keep us from leaving you monochrome.”

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