Welcome to EFNB 10th Anniversary Week! This entry is a sequel to one posted ten years ago on February 23, 2010.
“He abandoned the station,” Peg said. “He abandoned his post. And three people are dead. The company says we have to go after him.”

“Why us?” said Coolidge. “There are others.”

“Nearest corporate corvette is weeks away,” Peg said. “We’ve got leave to take the cutter.”

“You’re not listening,” Coolidge said through gritted teeth.

“Explain it to me then!” snapped Peg. “Because from where I’m sitting, Taylor killed a regular customer and stole his ship, which we look at pretty dimly where I come from.”

“Not our job,” Coolidge said. Then, seeing Peg’s expression, he added, for emphasis: “Let him go.”

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