A DALL-E Mini AI-generated image of an Azure TitName: Azure Tit
Peckédex Number: 336
Type: Water type, Tit type
Weakness: Fire type
Evolves From: Baby Blue B-Cup

A brilliant blue bird of Bukhara, the Azure Tit carries the banner of its kind deep into Central Asia with a wide range and a piercing icy stare!

Tsi-Tsi-Tsunami – The Azure Tit blasts its foe with a wave of water-type damage.

Hit a Snag – The Azure Tit retrieves an infertile egg from its snag nest and drops it on a foe for non-elemental damage.

Ice Shield – The Azure Tit condenses moisture in the local air into an icy shield, which prevents it from moving, or taking damage, during its next turn and its foe’s next turn. Fire-type damage and piercing damage will shatter the shield.

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