Name: Horned Grebe
Peckédex Number: 303
Type: Fire type, Waterfowl type
Weakness: Water type
Evolves From: Nubbined Gribblet

A fiery feisty bird coming at you like steam rolling off boiling water, the grebe is a strong diver and even stronger swallower, able to hork small fish down whole!

Aaarrh! – The Horned Grebe makes its distinctive cry, raising its attack power against all but Water type enemies.

Fire Eyes – The red-rimmed eyes of the Horned Grebe shoot out a fiery beam which deals Fire type damage to its target.

Swallow Whole – The Horned Grebe attempts to swallow its opponent whole and spit it out for high damage. If the attack fails, or if the target is immune, the Horned Grebe spits out a clod of feathers instead for zero damage.

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