On the shore of a lake not far from here
A little fawn trailed a herd of deer
They wanted to take the grass for a spin
But then the fawn just fell right in
A nearby seabird, a gannet by name
Moved in quickly to stake its claim
An eater of seafood it was, by trade
Surely deer be fish if in water they stayed
The gannet moved in to claim its prize
And the deer could not believe their eyes
A bird trying to nibble on their young
That sort of thing was simply not done
Mother deer charged into the drink
Hooves caused the gannet to stop and think
Sullenly the bird pecked no more
And fallen fawn climbed grassy shore
Though the gannet swore upon its crest
That its next catch would not be wrest
It was forced to reflect upon that vow
When next plunged in moose calf and cow

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