Silphium – A spice with a million and one uses around the home or forum, Silphium couldn’t be cultivated and was driven to extinction from wild harvesting.

Scutterbotch – A sweet syrup made from the liquor of the same name, brewed in monastic communities in the Hebrides. The technique for making the liquor, and thus the syrup, was lost during the Dissolution of the Monasteries.

Angelbreath – A bright fruit with a citrussy taste once found on the Andaman Islands. Overharvested for use as an anti-scurvy agent, and may have required a now-extinct bird to spread its seeds.

Mare’s Hope An herb, described as being vaguely peppery, that grew in the PÅ‚otznyy Hills region. Over-grazing in the area led to its extinction, as livestock would preferentially seek it out.

Marrowood A tree with interior sap like maple that could be boiled into a sweet substance.The tree, never widespread, became extinct due to land clearing for agriculture.

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