Unit 0100010001001010 here, but as always you can call me DJ! Now, I know from the 12.2 trillion hits on my latest vid that oodles of sapients were into my latest teardown video, and that’s great! You know I do it for you, the fans, like I always have. But a few issues did get brought up in comments and in messages people sent me after we were live via ansible, and I want to address them now that I have the time to do it.

First, while my teardown was of a Confederation Type II maser pistol, I definitely DO NOT recommend doing it at home. I know that in the vid I sort of jokingly listed some household uses for the power pack and a list of 10 fun pranks to play with the stun setting, but please don’t actually do it. Also, the Type II is a military-grade weapons, so you probably shouldn’t have one without some sort of permission.

Second, I had a lot of questions about how I got a Type II maser pistol, seeing as they are highly regulated, illegal for most civilians to own or possess, and in current use with Fleet Arm. Let me just say that I got this maser VERY legally, from friend of the channel k1llg0re-22, who had it as a war trophy from the Fifth BloodWar and then registered it under the Disintegrator Amnesty of ’68. So even though they’re really hard to get, there are a few maser pistols that are legal to own and this was definitely one of them.

Third, some of you Fleet Arm veterans were basically screaming in the comments that I needed to connect the maser coil to a neutral ground before I drained it of antiprotons, since a dangerous antimatter arc can sometimes occur if you don’t. Remember, though, as a 11001001, my entire body is a neutral ground and I have been cybernetically enhanced with, among other things, an antiproton sink. So no worries there, but unless you are also a 11001001 with an antiproton sink installed, definitely do connect a neutral ground.

Finally, a lot of comments said that they thought the footage of me shooting the maser on stun were faked. I’ve uploaded some B-reel to show you that it’s absolutely real, and give you a behind the scenes peek at my cameraman 0100110101000100 (Doc) and my editor 0100101001001111 (Jo). Remember, even though we’re laughing and a hole did get melted through one of the decks of the SV 00110001-00110111-00110000-00110001, you still shouldn’t try it at home.

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