Random Late Night Thought #271:

Are there really that many people with structured settlements or annuities? The advertisers sure seem to think so. And are all of them dumb enough not to realize that “cash now” is pennies on the dollar for what they have coming to them? It’s an interesting market, dumb people with a lot of money, but as Hummers and gold plated iPhones show, not a small one.

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“I call them ‘Foods from the Public Domain.'” Percy said. “We can trade on terms with excellent market penetration without having to pay royalties of any kind!”

With a flourish, he unveiled the placards at the head of the board room.

“Don Quixote’s Darn Quick Oaties: Nourishing microwavable whole oat cereal for the all-day energy to take on any windmill!”

“Daniel Dafoe’s Robinson Croutons: A fresh Caribbean island paradise salad, good for every day of the week, not just Friday!”

“Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peas: Heart-healthy legumes with a generous helping of spice to ward off the bite of General Winter!”